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THIS Revolution will not be pasteurised !

WELCOME: Welcome

It's time to overthrow your intestinal regime
and start a movement in your guts to re-establish your micro-biome.

Los Fermentistas’ handcrafted products contain millions of pre- and probiotics.
Waiting to be deployed to diversify and restore your gut flora, they work hard
to boost your overall mood and health. All you need to do it is take a short walk to the fridge.


Stop the war on Bacteria !

Some call it alchemy, Los Fermentistas call it an insurgence of microorganisms.


This organic biological transformation (known as the process of fermentation) converts carbohydrates into gut-loving organic acids and millions of beneficial microbes. The result is food which is probiotic-rich and easy to digest: a nutrient-dense flavour revolution.



Reclaim your inner Garden !

Super-data alert! Your body carries about two kilos of bacteria (also known as microbiota) in your gut, skin, mouth and lungs. Like the French Resistance, these hardworking bacteria influence how the body works. (Think digestion, weight, allergies, cravings and behaviour.)


Los Fermentistas brings revolutionary tools to the table, disguised as fermented food and drinks. The resulting probiotic products help to fortify your inner army by reinforcing the bacterial community that already exists within you.


When consumed often, the bacteria in fermented foods position themselves in your belly where they fight the good fight. Here, they help to elevate our mood, boost our immune system and destroy any bad bacteria which may have infiltrated.


Create an uprising for your body, mind and soul — it’s your inner garden: reclaim It!



Health food which tastes amazing !


Helps to access and absorb nutriments in food


Gives a diversity of beneficial bacteria


Increases antibodies that fight infectious disease


Regulates serotonin production in the gut



Probiotic Foods


A forever Solidaric Comrade

An Ibizan ode to the Korean original. Classic Kimchi leads the gut to healthy independence with its full-to-the-brim, peace-loving probiotics. Sitting in a marinade that's popping with spice, you’ll be looting the fridge for more of its crunchy, delicious goodness.

Serving tip: A whopping addition to your favourite salad. Or, add a bit of punch to your meal by matching it with BBQ or pan-fried meats, or any kind of fish. If you really want to lose control, whack a bit on a grilled cheese sammie. In the end, it works well with almost anything.

Ingredients: Napa cabbage, carrot, daikon, chilli, onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric, fish sauce.


Probiotic Drinks


A Tea Revolution

Classic Kombucha brings bubble and pop from the Chinese Bloc in a stimulating blend that works wonders on the gut. Combining tangy black tea and rose petals ensure a fragrant tasting elixir that will leave you both detoxed and energised. The revolution has never been so refreshing.

Serving tip: Served best cold and pure, or transformative when combined with your favourite spirit such as rum. Check out the Comrade or Mojito Mas cocktail recipes for inspiration.

Ingredients: Organic Assam black Tea, Rose petals.


Tea and Honey Uprising


Jun, the mysterious and unique cousin of kombucha is the prebiotic champagne of fermented drinks and feeds on jasmine green tea before being infused with probiotic-dense Ibizan honey. The resulting blend is a true super-drink that leaves a subtle honey aftertaste without the sugary overload.

Serving tip: Superb on its own, or with a dash of your favourite cordial. For something a little bit suave, try our Jun Bellini.

Ingredients: Organic Jasmine green Tea, local raw Ibiza Honey

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Shops / Restaurants & Hotels

Probiotic Drinks





Our team of passionate mixologists handcraft original tinctures,
aromas and alternative soft drinks (seasonal sodas, ginger beer, kombucha),
and fuse them thoughtfully to create innovative and enchanting cocktails. 

We tailor the menu to suit your taste, your theme or your fancy!

We offer one, two or more unique wooden serving units,
able to cater from small garden parties up to large weddings or corporate events.
The Alchemy Bar is environmentally conscientious,
using only paper or natural straws and elegant glass ware.


Pad Thai.JPG


                                                                                                                                                                                                             Some of the worlds most interesting food is found on the street,
and our Pad Thai is right there with them.

A modern twist of a traditional recipe;
We use vegan alternatives without compromising
the delicious umami flavours Pad Thai is so adored for.

Caramelised rice noodles,
the crunch of local almonds, the savoury chewiness of tempeh, locally sourced,
organically grown vegetables in Ibiza

give the delicate balance of flavour and texture known to this dish.

Each portion is accompanied by a few of our handcrafted fermented condiments,
such as Sauerkraut, Kimchi, fermented Chili Salsa and preserved Lemons.

Our elegant stand of dark wood and stainless steel
makes a unique feature where ever it is placed.
Los Fermentistas offer a pop up, stylish street food extravaganza,
that is perfect for any event.

We provide either crockery and cutlery for up to 100 guests,
or compostable organic bowls with wooden chopsticks or vegeware forks,
to minimize our footprint.

Tastings available upon request.




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Sunday 26th of February 2023 - 17:00-18:30
Introduction to fermentation
Make Lacto fermented Vegetables & Sauerkraut

Sunday 5th of March 2023 - 17:00-18:30
The Human Microbiome & Benefits of Fermentation
Make Kimchi 


Sunday 12th of March 2023 - 17:00-18:30
History of Kombucha & Benefits
Make Kombucha & other fermented Drinks


Price includes a welcome cocktail & degustation
Participants take home a jar of their creation or a SCOBY

Location : Central Santa Eulalia
Price : 1 part €30.- / 2 parts €55.- / 3 parts €75.-

Please WhatsApp Bex +34 638 497 901 with the dates you wish to participate


Our workshops can be tailor-made to suit your needs.
From basic fermentation techniques to a masterclass for the more experienced amongst us.

Usually offered in 3 parts which include:
An Introduction to fermentation and the Human Microbiome
A practical part preparing:
1. Lacto fermented vegetables and Sauerkraut
2. Kimchi
3. Kombucha and Ginger beer
Degustation of our fermented products.

Maximum group size - 25 participants.
Consulting and private tutoring can be arranged on request

To be kept in the loop of our public workshops and events, please fill in the form specifying the nature of your interest and we will be in touch.


Introducing Bex and Jakob: the revolutionary Ibizan-based duo who are paving the way for us to reclaim our inner gardens.


The Los Fermentistas journey can be traced to Germany where Bex first tasted sauerkraut and knew it was something her body craved. Returning to their home in Amsterdam, she began experimenting with kombucha scobys and homemade kimchi.


Realising the positive effects they both felt from consuming fermented foods, Jakob expanded the idea. In the kitchen, he applied his scientific mind and culinary skills to develop new flavour combinations and techniques. Like the ferments bubbling away in their Amsterdam kitchen, something was brewing.


A serious motorbike accident in 2015 was the coup d’état that catalysed Bex and Jakob to make a radical change: live closer to the land and change their quality of life. Following their gut feeling, they left Amsterdam’s bustling streets for a quieter life in the Ibizan countryside. Taking their kitchen experiments to the next level, they converted their hobby into a business. Here, Los Fermentistas was born.


Los Fermentistas at home.jpg

Innovative and active, they focus on sharing the positive benefits of fermented food. When possible, they use local, seasonal produce to create their products, and collaborate with regional chefs and producers on food and well-being projects.

Keep an eye out for their street food stand and mobile bar which features all their classic recipes, along with new and inspired concoctions currently being dreamt up in the Los Fermentistas lab.


If you’re keen to discover your inner fermenter, get in touch to learn more about their frequent workshops.


Los Fermentistas

Bex & Jakob Hronek

Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

+34 638 49 79 01

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