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After living in Amsterdam for many years Jakob and I (Bex) finally found and agreed on a place we thought might work for us both - Ibiza.

We had come for a 10 day visit to a friend, and after a week, I just knew that this was the next place for us.

We’d been looking for the that place for years..not really agreeing on anywhere…… then after a near death experience (motorbike accident in Bali), life sped up, the need to act became more urgent….

So one week after our return from Ibiza, we decided…. and things pretty much fell into place….

A dream home on a hill, surrounded by forest and close to the ocean, plenty of space to grow vegetables….

and a climate where we can live mostly outside….

In February of 2016 we moved in! Welcomed by a lovely Ibicencan family (our landlord), who proclaimed: now you are part of our family!

We were both passionate about fermentation

after seeing the incredible benefits adding probiotics to the diet can have…. and jokingly upon that first visit came up with the idea of a fermented food business….

inspired by our good friends and initial teachers ‘Living Goodness’ out in New Zealand…. that joke turned into a good idea, and there was a gap here in the market, waiting for us to fill it.

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