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How are brand names born? I’ve always wondered about the story behind the names, some are obvious and some well, who knows what inspired them, so I would like to take a moment to explain our name….. ‘Los Fermentistas’.

For many years I struggled with terrible skin, large painful spots would appear in different places on my face and made me quite insecure about my appearance, especially when working in the health industry.

My first port of call was my nutrition and I found that I had a reaction to the milk protein casein, which I subsequently took out of my diet, eliminating dairy.

My skin improved, however once a year those painful spots would appear again. Doctors told me that the only way to keep them under control was to take a month long course of antibiotic each year when the reaction occurred.

After much reluctancy I succumbed, but never felt comfortable with this ‘cure’.

Then one day somebody introduced me to Sauerkraut, ‘live’ Sauerkraut’ and I felt my body have an instant reaction to it, like this was something my body had been missing, and so the seed was planted.

From here on I began experimenting and eating different ferments, and saw how my skin cleared in an incredibly short space of time.

I realised that I in fact, had the power in my hands to heal myself. For me, it was a miracle, when in actual fact it was microorganisms. It was empowering…..I had managed to heal myself, with the help of these probiotics!

There was of course a moment of defiance, how could my Doctor not have known this? why had I never heard of the microbiome before?, what else could having ones gut microorganisms in balance heal?

My sleep got better, my digestion smoother, and I felt much better within myself.

I had reclaimed my inner garden, taken matters into my own hands and it had worked. This was when it became my mission to share ferments with others, in case they too could find the same help and relief through eating them.

So, ’Los Fermentistas’….as a name, was inspired by the plight of ‘Los Zapatistas’ In Chiapas, Mexico, who have been fighting for land reform and indigenous autonomy for more than 30 years.

The metaphor, to fight for what is your human right, to not depend on acclaimed authority, and take back control of ones health.

To learn more about ‘Los Zapatistas’, please take a look at the following link

This gives a good clear summary of the Zapatista journey and where they are as a movement today.

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