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Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Okay, we have the product, we have the name, what next?

We had many ‘Bright ideas’ when first embarking on this journey:

to grow all the vegetables we need for our products ourselves, subscriptions, deliver with the moon cycles etc….

But the reality was and is, you simply can’t do it all.

So the veggies we grow, are for us at home, and the ingredients for our ferments, we source elsewhere (locally, when in season).

And the moon cycle deliveries? hmmm…if only……

Our first port of call, and perhaps one of the most challenging, was to find a legal kitchen in which to produce our probiotics. Here in Santa Eularia, Ibiza, this was truly like finding a needle in a haystack…..and 'No'…contrary to popular belief…you can’t do this at home!

Health and safety would not allow it!

We managed…eventually, and the challenges we met in finding a professional kitchen inspired us into action, a ‘bright idea’ that we did follow through on!

We created a local producers co-working kitchen, the ‘Co-Laboratorio’ which we managed for over 2 years. Producers of Bao buns, Tempeh, Keto bread, vegan burgers, were just some of the groups we had the pleasure to collaborate with.

We also offered producers assistance in the legal processes, to get their products onto the market.

Eventually, we developed this activity into consultation services.

We have now setup our own premises “La Local Kitchen” in central Santa Eularia,

partnering with B-Vegan. This move was a crucial step in growing our business.

The space lends itself to collaborations, co-productions and other deliciously creative activities.

So much potential… so many ideas, but we’ll save those ‘Bright Ideas’ for later....

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